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Diving Bull Shoals 


Arkansas spearfishing season runs from June 15 - March 15.  Summer is the most popular time for spearfishing.  Air temps in northern Arkansas in June generally range from 60s in the mornings, to 80-90 in the afternoons, and warms as summer progresses.  Surface water temperature can reach low 90s, but the water cools considerably as you go deeper.  Most divers wear a 3mm or 5mm wetsuit, as the water near the thermocline can be chilly.  

Visibility ranges from 15-20 feet early in the summer, and generally drops to around 10 feet as the lake warms. 

Almost all of our spearfishing is done in less than 25 feet of water.  Early in the season, it's not uncommon to shoot our limits of walleye in less than 15 feet of water, and catfish in less than 10 feet of water.  

Our favorite time to spearfish is in the fall (September - November).  We usually find bigger fish and the visibility starts to improve as well.  And we're usually the only divers out there!!  


You don't have to be a spearfisherman to enjoy diving in Bull Shoals Lake.  Recreational divers from all over the Midwest come to our clear blue waters for check out dives, fun diving, snorkeling and relaxing on the water!  

For more information:

Call or Text: 417-230-1815


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